Saturday, May 4, 2013

BCAA wants to know where the bad roads are

Spring always brings out the worst in roads across British Columbia, the thaw buckles the pavement, potholes appear about as frequently as dandelions on your lawn and all of it well before any paving program can get underway.

It makes for a situation that leaves a tire jarring, wheel un-aligned surprise for drivers in Northern BC from Prince Rupert to McBride.

To highlight the need for proper road maintenance, BCAA is offering up a reporting line for British Columbians to offer up the worst of their community, where residents can signal one of their particular routes as possibly the worst of the worst in the province.

One week into the competition, such as it is, it would appear that in the North, Prince George is setting the pace for roads with the most repairs required.

Of the top ten roads listed on the BCAA site, Prince George hosts four among the Top Ten.

For those familiar with the roadways of the Central Interior city, Domano Boulevard, Tabor Boulevard, Massey Drive and 15th Avenue are all roads to keep in mind should you find yourself there for business or pleasure.

So far, Prince Rupert residents have been slow when it comes to reporting in, perhaps assessing the state of our roads and whether compared to the rest of the province, if any are report worthy to the BCAA.

Should Rupertites change their minds (or get swallowed by a pothole) they have until May 27th to register their votes...

You can learn more about the Survey from the BCAA website

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