Thursday, May 9, 2013

There goes our sunshine, for now...

It's been a most remarkable run of sunshine and warm temperatures for the North Coast in the last week or so, the bounty of sunshine even coinciding with the annual stopover of the Carnival last weekend, an event which more likely than not often heralds the arrival of a monsoon.

Not this year however, Since May 3rd, Prince Rupert has featured Sunny Skies and temperatures as high as 16 through the week, excellent conditions for Carnival attendance, walking, running, lawn mowing, painting and any other outdoor pursuit that suits your fancy.

Alas, all good things do apparently come to an end..

The forecast for the weekend and well into next week, will provide for showers, morphing into rain before all is cleared out.

Today, may very well mark the last of the sunshine for at least the next seven days, with clouds anticipated to arrive on the North Coast overnight, a mid-day glimpse of the Sun expected for Friday, before the Rains arrive Saturday through Wednesday.

You can review the forecast ahead from the Environment Canada website, track the weather system to arrive shortly from their Satellite images here.

Enjoy the sunshine today, it will be going away, hopefully for only a short departure.

For those looking for rays of sunshine in the oncoming cloud and rain, the Weather Network suggests a return to sunny skies by May 18th... May their forecasting skills prove correct and welcome!

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