Friday, May 24, 2013

Mr. Long suggests an Acting CFO

With Dan Rodin having ended his time at the financial helm of the City of Prince Rupert, and all of Council's tributes now complete.

The time for moving forward seems to have arrived, one of Robert Long,  the new City Manager's first tasks was to find someone to take over the Chief Financial Officer's position.

With a week on the job, Mr. Long has reviewed some of the submissions for the position and it would appear that the City will promote from within,  from the City Council Agenda notes for Monday, May 27th comes word that Mr. Long is recommending that Ms. Corinne Bomben be named the City's Acting CFO.

(Page 12 City Council Agenda)

Council will be asked to approve her nomination to the position at Monday nights council session.

Ms. Bomben will move into her new position from her post of Manager of Accounting with the City.

And while it's never a sure thing, one imagines that the Acting title, will only be in place for a short period of time, with Ms. Bomben provided with the permanent status of CFO upon a short review period.

With the placement of Financial overview now in place, Mr. Long can turn his attention to the need for a new Corporate Administrator, required with the pending  departure of Robert Grodeccki

Towards filling that staffing opening and advertisement for that position was posted to the City's website on Wednesday.

With a large number of issues requiring the attention of Administration, it would appear that the new City Manager is going to work quickly to get his administrative team in place without too much of a delay, all ready to tackle the many, many concerns outlined over the last five months of Council sessions.

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