Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prince Rupert Gas prices spike and recede over Long Weekend

Thursday evening/Friday morning provided a rude shock for Rupertites looking to get an early start on their long weekend driving, as many stations around the city had Gas posted at 1.48 cents a litre on Friday morning, up significantly from the 1.37 range of earlier in the week.

The gas price spike provided for a rather congested parking lot Thursday evening at the at the local Esso at 7-11, as that station held the line at lower priced gas of 1.39 a litre, the bargain of the week compared to what seemed to be the oncoming trend for the weekend.

However, sanity has since returned to the pumps (if sanity can be pegged at 1.39 per litre) as all Prince Rupert stations had fallen back in line at that 1.39 mark by late Saturday afternoon.

Long weekend price bumps seem to be a constant these days, though the nature of the jump in prices of Friday certainly provide for a bit of sticker shock as Rupertites drove about looking for a fill up.

Prices in Terrace over the last few days have held firm at the 1.37 to 1.42 per litre mark, spurred on by a number of competitive non chain stations, that seem to drive the gas pricing in that community.

The Gas Buddy website, keeps track of gas prices across North America, with consumers providing the details of where the bargains are to be found and where near empty tanks can find a less discouraging fill up.

That site shows that the lowest priced gas in the province this weekend can be found in Duncan at 124.9 per litre, while the most expensive fill up will be found at Gold River where a litre of gas costs a motorist 150.9.

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