Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Open House on City's Expansion plans set for tonight

The first chance to learn more about the City's ambitious plans to secure land in all directions comes up tonight, as the City hosts an Open House to show their maps and outline the ambitious plans to the public.

Taking place at the Highliner Inn, from 6:30 to 9 PM, the Open House will feature a short presentation, a chance to ask questions of city staff and an opportunity to look over the maps we guess.

The proposal for a larger Prince Rupert first came up back in March, as we outlined on the blog at that time, the main thrust of the planned expansion appears to be a process to gain a tax base from any anticipated development in the region.

However, the prospect of an expanding Prince Rupert hasn't gone by un-noticed among the neighbours of late, many of whom have questions we imagine on how the City draws its lines, though we imagine they will be taking those concerns to the City directly and not as part of an Open House presentation.

If you can't make the Wednesday night session, a second opportunity to learn more about the City's plans comes up on Friday, when the presentation moves to City Hall from 11 am to 3 PM.

Educators may wish to make note that the City has expressed a willingness to make presentations to students if requested, the same arrangement is available to community groups if they wish to learn more.

You can also learn more about the City's proposal from their website, where the process moving towards any proposed Expansion is outlined. (see here).

The Municipal Boundary Expansion Map can be found here (click on the map to enlarge)

Items of note on the Open House.

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