Monday, May 6, 2013

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Invites comments on Spectra/BG LNG Terminal plans

The second major LNG Terminal proposal is now up for public comment with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, as that Federal Agency issued a notice for public input on Monday.

The Notice is part of the process from the CEAA to determine if a Federal Environmental Assessment is required for the proposed project.

Known as the Prince Rupert LNG project, it is the second LNG terminal announced for Ridley Island, this one being proposed by Spectra Gas/BG Gas.

Their project would developed in two phases providing for a capacity of up to 21 million tonnes per annum.

You can learn more about the Public Notice and what is required to make comment from the CEAA's website here.

Further information from the CEAA on the Prince Rupert LNG project can be found here.

The Deadline for written submissions to the CEAA is May 27th.

After receiving submissions from the Public, the CEAA will post a decision on their website advising if  a Federal Environmental Assessment will be required on the project.

You can review all of our information on the various LNG Terminal projects that have been proposed from our Archive page here.

Correction: As noted by our shy contributor to the comments section, the location for the Spectra/BG Gas Terminal is on Ridley Island, our item above has been corrected to note that fact.

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  1. Ridley Island**

  2. Thanks for the correction, have amended the item above to reflect the correct location.