Friday, May 24, 2013

Prince Rupert Library set to celebrate 100 years of reading and lending

They're holding a celebration this weekend at the Prince Rupert Public Library, sharing memories of 100 years of service to the community.

And in an ironic twist of history, those celebrations take place while the City discusses and debates how best to keep funding in place for the Library, in the wake of recent budget discussions.

CFTK TV provided the ironical historical talking point for this weekend, with a report on Thursday night that provided the review that when the library opened in 1913, they only offered newspapers and magazines as the City couldn't afford books.

CFTK-- Prince Rupert 100th (video)

Fast forward some 100 years and recent comments at Council about it's budget situation.

In particular the need to perhaps seek out alternative forms of funding for the Library and other community services, and well everything old seems new again doesn't it.

During the Budget approval discussion on May 9th, Councillor Thorkelson, returned to a common theme of hers of late, that of the city's Industrial partners sharing some of their wealth with the community.

In the case of the Library's needs and the Budget discussion night, she wondered aloud, if perhaps some of those Corporate Citizens might wish to provide some funding for the Library, suggesting 60,000 dollars as a helpful amount for a donation.

City Council Timeline (video portion from City video archive from 30 minutes to 33:30 minutes)

That however is a discussion for another day (not too far down the road though we imagine), this weekend it's all about 100 years of service and a chance for Prince Rupert residents to tour the place and see just what the Library has to offer.

The celebrations get underway from 2 to 4 PM on Sunday May 26th.

You can learn more about the Prince Rupert Library from their website

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