Monday, May 27, 2013

City Council Preview, May 27, 2013

The First Council meeting for the new City Administrator Robert Long arrives tonight, his debut at the municipal table to provide counsel and keep the wheels of civic governance flowing in public session.

The night ahead provides for much for the Mayor and Council to consider in their post budget debate mode, the drama of the last month now behind them with the budget deliberations concluded and the financial blue print now revealed (to a fashion).

Some of the points of consideration and discussion for Council's session tonight can be found below.

Council starts their work for the evening in a Special Session at 5 PM, One which excludes the Public, as Council examines a personnel matter and continues their discussions on events at Watson Island.

The Open to the public portion of the Evening will commence with a Committee of the Whole meeting, the Agenda for which you can access here.  For the most part, it will be an information session for Council and the public from the principals of one of the planned LNG projects for the Community.

Mr. Chris Pezoulas from TransCanada - Pacific Northwest Transmission Line will outline some of the details behind the proposed natural gas pipeline planned to feed into the proposed Pacific Northwest Liquid Natural Gas plant.

He will be followed by Mr. Spencer Sproule, a Senior Advisor in Corporate Affairs for Pacific Northwest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), who will provide some background on that proposal for development on Lelu Island.

You can learn more about that proposed project from our Industry Archive here.

Following those presentations, Council will then offer the opportunity for those in the public gallery to ask any questions on any civic issues that they may have on their minds.

From that Council will then move on to the Regular Council Agenda, which you can read here (click on their agenda page blocks to be directed to items of your particular interest)

The usual adoption of the agenda, past minutes, petitions and delegations and review of any unfinished business will open up the Regular Session.

From there Council moves on to Reports and Recommendations

Among the items for consideration are:

A report from the City Manager - A recommendation that council appoint Ms. Corrine Bomben as the Acting Chief Financial Officer (Agenda Page 12) (We first outlined that appointment was to be made with this post to the blog last week)

A report from the City Planner - Details and a recommendation to approve a request for a variance permit for a residence on Atlin Avenue (Agenda Page 13)

A report from the City Planner-- Details and a recommendation to move to Public Notification an application for a development Variance Permit for a residence on Prince Rupert Boulevard. (Agenda Page 24)

A report from the Economic Development Officer  -- A recommendation that Council pass a resolution in support of a Grant Application to the Northern Development Initiative Trust to seek funding to create a Prince Rupert Facade Improvement Program (Agenda Page 24)

A Report from the Manager of Accounting and Corporate Administrator- A resolution to Provide for New Signing Authority (Agenda Page 39)

Requests, Correspondences for Action (Agenda Page 42), resolutions from Closed Meetings, Bylaws and any additional items then fill out the home stretch of the council meeting.

Council will then hear Mr. Long's First Report from the City Manager on any outstanding Council Initiatives.

The session then wraps up with Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Council begins their work Monday night at 7 PM.

Those with a high speed Internet connection can watch Council proceedings live through the City's website.

The results of this weeks sessions an any media follow ups to the items of the day can be found from our City Council session page here.

A full Review of the Council year so far in 2013 can be found on our City Council Archive page.

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