Monday, May 13, 2013

City Council Preview for May 13, 2013

The final stages of Budget approval mark the highlight for Monday's Council session, as the city's councillors provide confirmation of the 2013 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw and the 2013 Property Tax Bylaw.

The twin bylaws must be approved by Wednesday, May 15th.

Council will also examine the remainder of their discussion points on the evening, which feature a chance for public comment on a Stratification plan for the Inn on the Harbour as well as a number of reports to Council on a variety of items.

You can access further information on the City Council Agenda for May 13th here, (click on their agenda page blocks to be directed to those items.

Below find some of Monday's discussion point, we list the agenda page in red for your use with the link above)

The first item of public input will be that of the Stratification discussion on plans for the Inn on the Harbour, the public can offer up comment on the plan after its introduction to council.

That item will be followed by a number of Reports and Recommendations.

A report from the City Planner, on an Application for a  Development Variance Permit for 1724 Atlin Avenue. (Agenda page 26)

A report from the Engineering Coordinator on an Encroachment Agreement for 501 McBride Street (Agenda Page 37)

A report from the Approving Officer, recommending Approval of the Stratification plan for the Inn on the Harbour (Agenda Page 44)

A report from the Engineering Coordinator Regarding a request from the Salmonberry Trading Company, with a recommendation that Council approve their request for a change in dates for their Court House market from Thursday to Sundays. (Agenda Page 61)

Report from the Engineering Coordinator regarding the McBride Street Mural project, the recommendation is that Council approve the project (Agenda Page 62)

The Final item a report from the Chief Financial Officer on the 2012 Audited Financials Statements.  The  recommendation being that Council receive and Accept the 2012 Audited Financial Statements.

Council will then consider any outstanding requests, Correspondences for Action and Resolutions from Closed Meetings.

Council Members will then consider and vote on the Two Bylaws, the 2013 Five Year Financial Plan and the 2013 Property Tax Bylaw.

Council will then hear a Report from the City Manager on any outstanding Council Initiatives.

The session then wraps up with Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Council begins their work Monday night at 7 PM.

Those with a high speed Internet connection can watch Council proceedings live through the City's website.

The results of this weeks sessions an any media follow ups to the items of the day can be found from our City Council session page here.

A full Review of the Council year so far in 2013 can be found on our City Council Archive page.

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