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City Council Timeline, Monday, August 19 2013

All five Councillors were in attendance for the first regular council session since July 8th, however the workload would fall to them on the evening as the Mayor was not in attendance for this session.

A number of presentations took up the first portion of the evening's work, with the Airport Authority, Coast Guard and RCMP providing updates and information to Council.

In the case of the Airport Authority, a review of the current airport situation which is in dire need of replacement, with many of its mechanical and structural capabilities requiring immediate attention.

The timeline of all of the council the proceedings can be found in red below, tied in with the City Council video and audio feeds archived below.

Further information such as minutes and permanent placement in the  audio and video archives can be found as they are posted to the city Website.

Minutes from August 19, 2013 (when posted)

In Attendance August 19, 2013

Mayor Jack Mussallem-- Absent 
Councillor Anna Ashley-- Present 
Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson-- Present
Councillor Gina Garon-- Present (Chair)
Councillor Nelson Kinney-- Present
Councillor Joy Thorkelson-- Present 

Councillor Jennifer Rice-- Resigned her position on June 10th.

Video Archive for August 19, 2013 
Audio Archive for August 19, 2013 (not available yet)

(0:00 - 4:30) Councillor Garon as chair, reviewed the various minutes of previous sessions over the last five weeks, with Council adopting the past minutes before moving forward with the August 19th session.

(4:30--20:00)  Presentation from Prince Rupert Airport Authority, with Rick Reed providing a review of the current situation and a request for a loan through the city to the MFA for a capital program to refurbish the Air Terminal building and associated infrastructure with the airport.  The refurbishment described as in dire need, as vital systems have failed and are beyond repair, he also outlined some considerable concerns over seismic issues for the facility and the possibility of fatalities if not addressed.

A number of Mechanical systems also need repairs in the Terminal building and should any of these systems fail before refurbishment, the Airport would have to close.

With a review of the Boundary Bay Airport as their template, the Airport Authority estimated that the cost of replacement for all concerns would be approximately 7 million dollars.  User fees will be used to pay back the loan, with no extra cost to the Prince Rupert taxpayer.

Councillor Ashley inquired of the City Manager, as to the process for borrowing under the MFA.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson thanked the delegation for their work on behalf of the region, she spoke as the need to upgrade the airport as essential to the community and suggested seeking other funding sources as well, as the partnering agreement. She then asked a question about the Boundary Bay airport and the difference in 2 million dollars in pricing.

The runway and access road offer up challenges for YPR as well, Councillor Carlick-Pearson again offered her support to the project.

Mrs. Marshall-Lutz outlined the time constraints that the Airport is facing in moving the project forward.

Councillor Garon, advised that Council would be addressing the funding of the project later in the meeting.

Councillor Kinney thanked the delegation as well, he also outlined his support for the refurbishment project as outlined.

With some final comments on the project, Council thanked the delegation for their presentation.

(20:00--38:00) Mr. Roger Gioraud, from the Canadian Coast Guard, who outlined the Coast Guard's plans to provide environmental remediation/salvage project for a site near Hartley Bay where a World War II vessel is resting at the bottom of the ocean there. The plan is to commence their operations in September, weather dependent through the fall.

He outlined the engagement with the First Nations communities of the region as part of the salvage project.

The goal of the project is for the safe and effective removal of oil and pollutants from the fuel tanks and cargo holds of the vessel USAT Brigadier General M. G. Zalinksi. Any ordinance that is in the holds of the ship will be left where it is.

An Incident Command Post will be set up in Prince Rupert, with a timeline of putting their team together by mid September.

There are risks involved in the operation, with the possibility of a marine spill, with a plan in place to address that issue should it take place.  The Department of National Defence will address any issues regarding the Ordinance that is aboard the sunken ship.

Councillor Garon inquired as to the nature of their timeline, starting in the Fall when the weather deteriorates on the North Coast, one of the aspects that they had to consider was the salmon season in the summer.

There will be a live view made available to follow the progress of the project. With the presentation at an end, Council moved on to the final presentation of the night.

(38:00- 1:02:30) Constable Maury Tyre, regarding the Long Boarding Situation in the city. The Constable provided an overview of the situation in the city and then outlined how the RCMP is approaching the issue. He then reviewed the City's Traffic bylaws regarding the situation, looking for a letter of direction from Council as to what they wish to see done when it comes to the Long Boards.

He then expanded on the options ahead, the long board ticketing would come to 25 dollars.

He reviewed some of the risks involved with long boards and traffic or street activity.

He reviewed some of the enforcement items in other communities, Victoria has total ban in place.  In North Vancouver, that municipality allows long boards to be viewed as bicycles on the streets, but with bans on some streets in the community and with proper safety equipment and procedures being used.

Constable Tyre recommended a ban for long boarding on McBride Street, 2nd Avenue West to Park Avenue and Park Avenue.

Make plans for an Education program for the Spring, partnering with community businesses, to offer information on safety precautions for those that wish to Long board.

As well approaching the Schools to provide information to the long boarders, by way of newsletters and handouts etc.

The RCMP would provide a press release to warn of the need to warn helmets, either for bicycles or long boards and issue warning tickets, with a cut off date when actual tickets would be part of the enforcement program.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson spoke against an all out ban and suggested regulation and fining as the process to follow. She suggested that the recommended 25 dollar fine is too light, preferring to see an escalating fine process leading to potential confiscation.

She suggested that the fines that are paid, could be put into a fund to provide helmets for those in the community that can't afford them. She also recommended that Smithers Street be considered as a street for the long board ban, owing to its intersection with Park Avenue.

Councillor Ashley agreed with Carlick-Pearson, looking for awareness and safety measures to be put in place. She has concerns over long boarding at night and suggested considering a ban on night boarding at night.

Councillor Kinney also agreed with the two Councillors, he wished to see a media campaign provided for the program as well as through the Schools.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson shared Councillor Ashley's concerns over the night aspect of long boarding. She then asked the City Manager who would enforce the bylaw, he advised that the RCMP would if asked.

Councillor Thorkelson thanked the Constable for his report and said Council should put some thought into how they wanted to approach the line to be drawn between the different  methods of items in use.

She also said that Council should ask Staff to look at what roads should be highlighted as not to be used for long boarding.

Councillor Thorkelson also recounted her knowledge of past incidents in the city has observed and recounted some personal knowledge of personal trauma of a friend who fell off a Skateboard and not wearing a helmet, suffering serious injury.

She also suggested that Council explore the prospect of tying in the need to buy a helmet, with the purchase of a skateboard or bicycle.

She asked that her suggestions be put by way of a motion for Staff to investigate further.

The motion was carried.

Reports and Recommendations

(1:02:30--1:03:30) Report from the City Planner on a Variance Permit application for Edward Avenue. Mr. Krekic outlined the nature of his report and that there were not comments or inquiries received by the public on the application.

The motion was carried

(1:03:30--1:04:30) Report from the City Planner on a Variance Permit application for 11th Avenue East. Mr. Krekic provide much of the same report on the second variance application.

The motion was carried.

(1:04:30--1:05:30) Report from the City Planner on a Variance Permit application for 8th Avenue East.
The same report was provided for the property in question.

The motion was carried

(1:05:30--1:20:00) Report from the City Planner on the City's Antennae policy -- He reviewed the past work on the policy, outlining the background that was used to create the proposed policy. He directed Council to the information presentation on the City's website, which offers more details on the process that was in place from consultations with the public.

He provided a map for council to review, outlining where antennae placement could or could not take place.

Councillor Ashley inquired as to what kind of process that those seeking to place antennae would have to follow. She inquired if this would impact on CityWest projects, such as the potential of wi-fi in some segments of the city.

The fee for application of an antennae placement would be 2,000 dollars.

Councillor Thorkelson inquired why someone would want to have a tower in a residential area, Mr. Krekic outlined that it would be mainly for coverage purposes. She followed up asking if it was mainly regarding cel towers, wondering what other purposes could be requiring antennae.

Mr. Krekic advised that the quest for more antennae placements would increase as technology continues to move forward.

(1:200-- 1:20:30 ) Report from the Manager of Public Works on Dust control on the waterfront near Pinnacle Pellet -- Council reviewed the report as presented by the City Manager who outlined the nature of the concern and how it was being addressed.

(1:20:30-- 1:27:00) Report from the Manager of Public Works on Intersection Paving-- Mr. Long advised that the Intersection paving program for this year has concluded . Councillor Thorkelson inquired as to an issue on the Pellet Plant and the air quality bylaw process in place.

She asked that the topic be reviewed by staff and the City's enforcement potential, he advised that the concern discussed earlier was the road dust in the area and not regarding the prospect of pellet dust from the facility.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson commented on the nature of Prince Rupert weather and the need to be discussing the issue of dust in the summer at this time.

Councillor Thorkelson again returned to her concerns over the need to monitor air quality and how the City may be able to deal with any dust problem from the Pinnacle Plant.

Councillor Ashley recalled the conversation that Council had with the Port regarding the pellet plant, and suggested that the City seek out clarification on how to regulate the potential dust issue.

The Motion was carried.

(1:27:00--1:28:00) Report from the Manager of Public Works regarding solar powered speed signs -- Mr. Long advised that within the week, there will be a enhanced flashing crossing put in place at 9th and McBride.

(1:28:00--1:329:30) Report from Acting Chief Financial Officer on the Appointment of election officers -- Advising that Robert Long and Tanya Ostrom would be assigned the duties of Election officers. Mr. Long then outlined some of the possible changes to the electoral process from the City's point of view.

(1:29:20--1:31:00) Report from the Acting Chief Financial Officer on the Monthly Financial report for June -- Councillor Thorkelson inquired about the nature of bus passes purchased and if there is a problem with bulk sales. Ms. Bomben advised that it was the Ministry of social services that accounted for the decline in purchases.

(1:31:00-1:35:30) Report from the City Manager on the Regionalization of the Prince Rupert Airport -- Mr. Long outlined the details of the the Report. Councillor Ashley asked for a quick overview of the various options ahead.  Ms. Bomben outlined the desire of the City to seek out cost sharing with neighbouring communities for funding of the airport. The City of Prince Rupert's tax base currently funds the airport to approximately 800,000 dollars, she outlined the various options for Council to consider.

Councillor Ashley suggested that the City hold a workshop to explore the different options, to gain more information. So as to make an informed decision on the proposal.

Correspondences for Action

(1:35:30 - 1:37:00 ) Proclamation request from Friendship declaring  September 9th as FASD Awareness Day in the City of Prince Rupert. Councillor Carlick-Pearson outlined some background on the nature of the request. Councillor Ashley added her thoughts on the theme and the importance of raising awareness on the issue.

Resolutions from Closed Council Meetings

(1:37:00-1:39:00 ) Ms. Bomben released details from the closed meeting of August 19th that the city had authorized that City Manager to sign the partnering agreement between the City of Prince Rupert and the Airport authority to provide them with the loan.

Council then gave first, second and third reading to the by law authorizing that agreement with the Prince Rupert Airport Authority.

Councillor Ashley spoke out in favour of the loan agreement and reinforced the funding nature of the loan which will be covered by user fees at the airport.

The motion was carried.

(1:39:00--1:39:30) Zoning amendment bylaw -- A recommendation for first and second reading on a bylaw  3334-2013 and set a public meeting for September 9th.

The motion was carried/

Report from the City Manager on Outstanding City Initiatives

(1:39:30 - 1:40:00)  Mr. Long had no items to report at this time, he would update Council in September.

Reports, Questions and Inquires from members of Council

(1:40:00 - 1:41:00) Councillor Ashley had a question for staff on the schedule ahead for UBCM and if Council had a plan for a workshop before they attend the meetings in Vancouver. Mr. Long would consult with the Mayor on the topic.

(1:41:00 - 1:42:00) Councillor Carlick-Pearson had a question on the dedication of a sports field and what the process for that dedication would be. She was advised that the Director of Recreation has been in contact with the people involved.

(1:42:00 - 1:45:30) Councillor Thorkelson gave a report on economic activity in the community, one which mainly focused on the troubles in the fishing industry. She expressed worries over Employment Insurance issues for the gill net fleet, she also suggested that the city call in the DFO to explain some of the issues of the summer. She did however see some positive developments from the processing of pink salmon in the community and the impact that it had on the community. She suggested that businesses in town must have felt some economic impact from that burst of activity over the summer.

She also outlined the nature of the collective agreement in place within the fishing industry in the community which will see an increase in processing in the winter time work in the region. Canadian fish has also agreed to an apprenticeship program for trades training for fish employment.

(1:45:30-- 1:47:00 ) Councillor Carlick-Pearson took time to thank those that were involved in the Snowbirds presentation in the city last week. Councillor Kinney added his thanks, pointing towards the work of Rotary in putting the presentation together for the community.

And on that note, Council adjourned their session.

You can access the City Council Review page for August 19th here, where a number of items regarding the council session, including media coverage of it can be found.

As always, consult with the official minutes from the City, when posted to the website for further review.

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