Friday, August 23, 2013

Terrace gets its moment in the Sun... The Vancouver Sun

The prospect of industrial growth is sending Journalists north to see what's on the cups of development and this time around it's the Vancouver Sun dispatching Gordon Hoekstra to check out the Northwest.

The Vancouver Sun journalist set up camp in the Terrace area to take stock of all the talk of development, the main review of his exploration being the Northwest Transmission Line,  a Run of River electric project, Rio Tinto's Alcan modernization project, mining projects and of course the exploratory work on the LNG files of the Northwest.

The majority of the  article examines the impact on the Terrace area of much of these developments.

The article offers up a sense of the anticipation in that community as some of the major industrial projects of the Northwest begin to take shape, with that community seemingly preparing to take advantage of its location and the interest in the Northwest that will be flowing through the Terrace area.

You can review the article here.

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