Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prince Rupert Port Authority illuminates the North Coast theatre scene

With the curtain going up on another Udderfest, the timing could not be better for the latest  of community funding projects from the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

Thursday, the Port revealed that Harbour Theatre would be the latest recipient of funding from the Port's Community Investment Fund, with the Fund providing five thousand dollars, of the ten thousand required for a new lighting system, set to be established for the Tom Rooney Playhouse.

The new system will replace the old, out of date and hard to work with lighting set, providing for a new state of the art system for the Playhouse and a bright future for the local theatre company.

Harbour Theatre covered off their share of the cost through event admissions, facility rentals and government grants.

In their Press Release, the Port highlighted the contribution that Harbour Theatre makes to the community. Making note of the some thirty years of  theatrical performances in the past, keeping theatre alive on the North Coast as best exemplified by this year's 15th annual edition of Udderfest.

You can review more about that festival which began on Wednesday evening from our blog post of last week which previewed this years festival.

A review of some of the previous Community Fund Initiatives from the Port can be found here.

CFTK-- Prince Rupert Theater donation (video)

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