Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dwindling hope for hot springs return

When the October 27th 7.7 magnitude earthquake rattled along the North Coast, one of Haida Gwaii's most treasured locations took the brunt of nature's changing dynamics, with the hot springs of Gwaii Haanas National Park running dry.

While there were some hopeful signs following the quake of October, it seems that as time passes on the prospect of the springs returning to their previous state is dwindling by the day.

That at least is the opinion of Glenn Woodsworth, a geologist who has long studied the hot springs, he recently compared the situation for the CBC to a plumbing system that has broken down, with the water now rerouted elsewhere, and while he understands why residents of Haida Gwaii are hopeful for a return, he doesn't seem to share the optimism of Islanders on the theme.

CBC Daybreak North had this audio report posted to their website

The disappointing thoughts on the nature of the hotsprings was an observation that he  also shared with the QCI Observer last week, providing more background on the mechanics of the hot springs and what may have happened to them.

You can review that item here, our archive of past seismic events can be found here.

Other Media items of interest on the hot springs can be found below.

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