Sunday, August 11, 2013

Port Authority contribution increases recycling options for Prince Rupert residents

The Prince Rupert Recycling Centre in the Industrial Park will soon be expanding  recycling opportunities for the community, thanks in part to an 18,000 dollar contribution by way of the Prince Rupert Port Authority by way of its Community Fund.

The money will be used to make recycling options easier and more accessible to the region's residents, with plans in the works  for a new Recycling Transfer Station, which will be located at the front of the Recycling Depot property on Kaien Road.

At that location, several large bins will be put in place, covered to shield users from the weather, complete with lighting and proper surveillance to provide for the safety of users after daylight hours.

This will make recycling options available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, partially answering the call from the public for more access to the recycling centre, beyond their regular hours of operation.

With local residents frequently seeking more opportunities to reduce their household clutter through recycling, the opportunity to make use of the Recycling Centre during it's off hours, should prove to be a popular move for the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District's operations on Kaien Road.

You can learn more about the Transfer Station initiative from this media release from the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

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