Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Union seeks answers over arbitrators ruling on Air Canada Jazz staffing

"Make no mistake; this industry, the economic health of our communities and the livelihood of our members is under attack,” -- CAW President Ken Lewenza reacting to recent developments regarding Air Canada Jazz staffing requirements.

When negotiators sit down at the table today and tomorrow, members of the CAW Local 2002 will be seeking answers and further clarification on a recent arbitrator ruling on the nature of future staffing requirements for some Air Canada Jazz locations.

As we outlined on the blog on July 31st, the arbitrator's rulling has seemingly put in motion plans to change the nature of ground staffing of local Air Canada Jazz stations in Prince Rupert, Smithers and Sandspit to name a few of the locations covered by the ruling.

The CAW Local 2002 which represents airline employees across the Jazz system, was it would seem taken by surprise by the nature of the arbitrator's ruling of mid July.

A disappointment that it appears is still resonating across the union, with CAW officials outlining their next steps in an advisory to their membership from July 31st.

Their anger over the latest developments is clear from the tone of the advisory to members, as they put forward the timelines and conditions of  the recent negotiations, a process that they believed was heading to a possible lockout/strike situation.

According to the CAW notes, the airline refused to budge on cuts, closures and contracting out, three key elements which went to arbitration, resulting in the decision revealed last month.

While they will be asking their questions over the next two days, it doesn't appear that they seem hopeful of any reversal of the decision.

Rather, the subject of their concern it would seem will be more along the lines of ensuring that the terms of the award are followed and the the membership is treated in a fair and respectful manner.

The only Northwest airport to be left off the list of stations facing a change in ground station staffing was the Terrace airport.

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