Thursday, August 15, 2013

First sign of a Rampage return, as CIHL faces further change

It's but a photo, but for hockey fans on the North Coast, the photo to the left will be welcome news, showing that the ice is going in at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre, a sure a sign that hockey season is on the way.

And for members of the Prince Rupert Rampage, that means training camp is but one week away, as they prepare for the 2013-14 edition of the CIHL.

The Rampage tweeted out the news of the ice maker's work on Tuesday, heralding the countdown to another CIHL season, one which should be a little smoother for the local CIHL team than what last season provided for.

With the ice troubles of last year now far behind them, the Rampage will hopefully, have a more balanced home and away schedule this year, offering up the home ice advantage that the large crowds
at the Jim provide when the visiting teams of the CIHL make their trips west.

As we outlined on the blog earlier this summer, there is a change in  the uniform design for the Rampage for 2013-14 and there will be a change for the CIHL as well.  As the line up of competing teams in the CIHL this season is now reduced by one.

With the Omenica Ice having left the league, a situation that was originally to be addressed by the return of the Hazelton Wolverines.

However, a short item on the CIHL chat forum  this week, advises that the Wolverinzes, citing a lack of community support informed the league that they won't be playing this season after all.

That now makes for a situation that reduces the league to eight teams for this season and required a re-make of the CIHL schedule for 2013-14.

The schedule has not yet been released by the CIHL office, if the past is any indication, the season should be underway by the first week of October.

You can follow the latest from the Rampage by way of their twitter feed.

Our past articles on the Rampage and the CIHL can be found on our archive page.

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