Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snowbirds 2013 Archive

A collection of items on the August 14th visit to Prince Rupert by the RCAF Snowbirds.

North Coast Review Items

August 14-- Snowbirds showcase skills over Prince Rupert Harbour with high tempo show
August 13-- Snowbirds set compass North to Prince Rupert

Other Media items on the Snowbirds visit

August 15-- Northern View-- Snowbirds perform in Prince Rupert (video)
August 15-- CFTK-- Snowbirds performance (video)
August 14-- Northern View-- Snowbirds put on a show in Prince Rupert
August 14-- Northern View-- Snowbirds provide a tour to young cadets in Prince Rupert
August 13-- Northern View-- Snowbirds arrive in Prince Rupert
August 10-- Northern View-- Canadian Forces Snowbirds want Rupertites to be in awe
August 10-- CFTK-- Prince Rupert Snowbirds 2013 (video)
July 11-- Northern View-- Snowbirds set to perform in Prince Rupert

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