Friday, August 23, 2013

Just pulled into port...

The Prince Rupert Port Authority had the camera pretty handy this morning when this luxury yacht pulled into Prince Rupert Harbour, offering up a snapshot through twitter, as the Vibrant Curiosity arrived at dock in Prince Rupert.

Reportedly owned by German Billionaire Reinhold Wurth (though not surprisingly, not much is revealed about the owner) the yacht has been travelling up and down the Pacific coast in this summer of 2013.

Frequently however, vessels such as the Vibrant Curiosity are chartered out, so you may or may not stumble across a Billionaire around town today.

For those wondering about the Vibrant Curiosity (and maybe it's owner), some research notes can be found below...

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German Billionaire Takes "Discreet" Possession of Megayacht

However, we believe that Bruce Springsteen offers up perhaps the best advice for local viewing...

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