Tuesday, September 8, 2015

North Coast students head back to the classroom today

Summer comes to it's unofficial end today (despite the calendar offering up a few more technical weeks) , as North Coast students make their first trek back to the classroom to start off the 2015-16 educational year.

Both School District 52 and the city's Independent School Annunciation outlined their Back to School routines in late August, setting the timetable for today's first day of school.

School District 52
School District 52 Bus Information

For the majority of the region's students  the normal classroom routine and the start of the days of homework, class projects and such will get into full swing tomorrow.

As we noted last week, this year also marks the introduction of a new curriculum for the province's schools, with the first phase of the new education plan to be delivered at the K to Grade 9 level.

School District 52 posted a letter of introduction to their website in late August, outlining some of the background for the new curriculum.

With the return to School, motorists will want to make note of the school zones surrounding the city's schools, City work crews took advantage of some of the summer sun of late August and early September to put fresh coats of paint on the roadway signs and crosswalks.

As well, the Prince Rupert RCMP will no doubt be making its presence known in the school zones for the first few days, making for a reminder for those travelling through those areas to keep to the posted speed zones.

The province's Ministry of Transportation and Highways is also providing some reminders for both motorists and parents as to some of the safety precautions to take as classes resume across the province.

The Ministry website offers up a number of pages of safety notes for motorists, parents, students and teachers all to make use of as a way to get a safe start to the school season, you can review those pages here.

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