Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another local business makes the Cow Bay Shift

Kaien Office Essentials is the latest of Prince Rupert businesses to
make the Cow Bay area their home

The growing commercial hub of the Cow Bay area has attracted yet another local business to the trendy shopping district, with Kaien Office Essentials having recently set up shop in the old Northern Industrial Sales storefront on 1st Avenue East just up the hill from the Atlin Terminal.

They migrated away from their long time home at Five Corners a few weeks back and have settled in nicely, with the 1st Avenue option providing for a larger display area and some all important front window space to better showcase some of the items that they have available.

The new location features a wide range of items for sale with an impressive array of office supplies, stationary needs, games, computers and other intriguing options that expand their offerings from the traditional fare of an office supply store.

A growing number of stores and services are migrating to the City's
Cow Bay District with 1st Avenue East now finding increased attention
For those that haven't checked out the Cow Bay District in the last little while, the need for a little bit of extra time to shop might be required, as a growing number of stores and services are expanding the footprint of the area. With new options attracting customers further up the bluff that First Avenue East marks as one of the District's boundary.

More items on the city's business scene can be found as part of Commercial Sector archive.

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