Monday, November 28, 2016

Canadian Coast Guard embarks on recruitment drive on North Coast

The Canadian Coast Guard is currently recruiting for
positions available at the Seal Cove MCTS Centre at Seal Cove

The Canadian Coast Guard is putting the focus on First Nations and coastal community residents for its current round of employee recruitment, with the Coast Guard seeking applicants for positions with its Prince Rupert Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centre at the Seal Cove base.

The call for applicants makes note of the unique knowledge of the region and experience on the water that First Nations and coastal residents may have, something which would be a valuable asset for delivering the marine services that the Coast Guard offers out of Seal Cove.

Coast Guard communications out of
Prince Rupert cover a large area of
the West Coast 
The MCTS Centre is what the Coast Guard calls the "eyes and ears" of marine traffic, ensuring the safety of the waterways.

Those that work out of Seal Cove provide first response to vessels in distress and communicate with both local vessels and shipping traffic along the North Coast.

As well as monitoring vessel traffic for a wide area from the North Pacific to Vancouver Island, the MCTS centre also offers weather bulletins and navigational notices to vessels at sea.

The Coast Guard hosted an Open House at the Seal Cove base last week which reviewed some of the careers that are available, including those at the MCTS Centre in Prince Rupert, as well as explaining how the process of application works.

Those that could not attend the information session can find more information about the kind of work that they perform on the North Coast from the Coast Guard Website, which features a look at the Prince Rupert Coast Guard Centre.

If interested in pursuing the current career opportunity with the Canadian Coast Guard now in recruitment mode, contact Robert Crooks, Regional Program Specialist, MCTS Western Region.

He can be contacted at

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