Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October stats review makes note of 28 impaired driving investigations in Prince Rupert

An RCMP roadside stop
(photo from ICBC)
The Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP will be continuing to step up their enforcement efforts when it comes to impaired drivers on city streets, with October's review of the impaired files showing that motorists in the city aren't getting the message when it comes to Drinking and Driving.

The RCMP released its statistical review for October late Monday afternoon and in Prince Rupert, the RCMP conducted 28 impaired related investigations, one related to drug impairment the other 27 alcohol related.

From those files the totals included the following driving prohibitions to be issued:

20 Immediate Roadside Prohibitions for 90 day licence suspensions 
4 immediate roadside prohibitions for 3 day licence suspensions 
3 licence suspensions of 24 hours were also issued during the month.

With those numbers as the background to their concerns, the RCMP outlined through its information statement that the members of the  Prince Rupert detachment will continue to target impaired drivers through the use of road blocks and regular traffic stops.

And if the early returns for November are any indication, they will once again be busy when it comes to their work.

This past Sunday alone, in the period of time from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM the RCMP initiated 5 impaired driving investigations, resulting in a range of suspensions for motorists that chose to drink and drive.

1 immediate Roadside Prohibition resulting in a 90 day licence suspension
1 immediate Roadside Prohibition resulting in a 7 day licence suspension
2 immediate Roadside Prohibitions resulting in a 3 day licence suspension
1 Twenty Four hour licence suspension

As part of their campaign to raise awareness to the concerns, the RCMP is reminding those in the community to make alternate arrangements for their travels should they be consuming alcohol, calling attention to the potential for serious harm or injury that could come from a wrong decision.

They also are asking residents of the city to do their part in keeping the city's streets safe by reporting impaired drivers to the detachment.

An information statement related to the October overview can be found here.

More items from the files of Emergency Responders in the Northwest can reviewed here.

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