Sunday, November 20, 2016

Blog Watching: Week ending November 20, 2016

Law enforcement and LNG issues dominated a good portion of the attention for the week, splitting four of our five top items of the week.

An incident involving the RCMP and a pair of young people in the downtown core during the early morning hours of November 12th, has for the most part captured the attention of many on the North Coast over the last seven days.

As the week came to an end, residents were awaiting more information, as the Prince Rupert RCMP continues to investigate both the original case file that brought their response to the downtown area and the subsequent public complaint to the way they handled it.

That story made for a range of media coverage both locally and from provincial sources, with the two articles that we posted to the blog this week also finding an audience.

The other theme that generated some significant interest was the latest developments related to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, with our story of Monday evening's council's discussion on how to approach negotiations with the company rising to the top of the blogs hit counter this week.

That was followed by our look at the latest projection from LNG Minister Rich Coleman as to when Petronas may provide for its final investment decision.

City Council's lengthy engagement on issues related to the Lelu Island development served to remind us that when it comes to Watson Island another controversial island in the area, there hasn't been quite as much public discussion heard this year around the Council chamber.

And judging by the number of readers that have taken the time to check over our Friday notes that looked at the lack of news from Watson, there appear to be a good number of Rupertites that might have an interest in an update from the City, should one be provided.

However, the top story of the week takes us to the early hours of last Saturday morning and the ongoing investigation into the events that evolved in the downtown area.

RCMP investigating downtown incident and public complaint of police actions related to it -- The Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP was conducting two investigations this week, both of them in relation to an incident in the downtown core of November 12th. (posted November 14, 2016)

That article was followed by:

If City Council wants to discuss Islands ... it may be a timely moment for an update on one named Watson -- While Prince Rupert residents have heard a lot about Lelu Island over the last year of Council sessions, there hasn't been quite as much public attention focused on that other controversial island, this one within the city's overview. (posted November 18, 2016)

Prince Rupert Detachment Commander speaks to Saturday incident in downtown core --  With a significant amount of attention being paid to the course of the events from Saturday, both in Prince Rupert and around B.C., Inspector Blake Ward, the Commander of the detachment offered up his first public comments on the incident (posted November 15, 2016)

Rich Coleman points to April 2017 as decision time for Pacific NorthWest/Petronas project --  While Prince Rupert City Council continued to explore how it wants to approach the multinational energy company Petronas, the province's LNG Minister outlined how much time may be left on the clock before a final investment decision. ( posted November 17, 2016)

Council sends its Pacific NorthWest LNG motion back to committee for review and rewording -- What has become a seemingly endless debate at City Council on what it can or should demand from LNG proponent Pacific NorthWest/Petronas will go on a bit longer, as Council sends their latest talking points to a committee for rewording. (posted November 17, 2016)

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