Friday, November 25, 2016

Charles Hays Jr Boys Volleyball at Provincials in Kelowna

It's Day Two of competition for the Charles Hays Rainmakers Junior Boys Volleyball squad, with the team set to head back to the court along with 23 other competitors in Kelowna.

Day One provided for some tough battles for the Junior Boys who came out of the first day of play with an 0 and 3 record, that after a full schedule of games against their Pool C challengers from Abbotsford Christian, Sands and Burnaby Central.

The Junior Boys Rainmakers in action against Burnaby during Day One
play at the Provincial Tournament in Kelowna

(photo from the CHSS twitter feed)

It wasn't all about the spikes and volleys however, as the opening day of the competition also featured a Skills competition and Banquet taking place in the evening.

The first volley of Day number Two took place at 10AM and you can keep track of the action on the court through the CHSS twitter feed.

A large archive of Photos and videos of Day One have been posted to that portal for those looking to keep up with the Junior Boys on their journey at Provincials.

The Rainmakers now move into the Placement category of the tournament for the remainder of their play in Kelowna. The tournament comes to an end on Saturday afternoon.

The Scoreboard of Charles Hays Games at the Provincial tournament can be found below:

Day Two
Friday, November 25, 2016

CHSS vs Constable Neil Bruce
CHSS 28 - Constable Neil Bruce 26
Constable Neil Bruce 31 - CHSS 29
CHSS 15 - Constable Neil Bruce 11
(Rainmakers Finish 23rd overall in Provincials)

CHSS Rainmakers vs Penticton
Penticton 25 - CHSS 13
Penticton 25 - CHSS 18

CHSS Rainmakers vs Mount Baker
CHSS 25 - Mount Baker 14
CHSS 25 - Mount Baker 25

Day One
Thursday, November 24, 2016

CHSS Rainmakers vs Burnaby Central

CHSS Rainmakers vs Sands

CHSS Rainmakers vs Abbotsford Christian

More items of interest related to the Provincials can be found from the Tournament website here.

Further notes on Rainmaker sports can be found on our Archive page here.

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