Friday, November 4, 2016

Rainmakers look to claim some more banners with weekend play ahead

While head coach Simon Ruperto keeps his Rainmaker Boys soccer team in shape for their ambitions for the Provincial tournament later this month, a number of other Rainmaker squads will be looking to bring their own Northwest Zone banners back home for the Charles Hays Gymnasium.

There will be quite a few highway miles logged by a number of teams this weekend as the fall sports schedule at CHSS begin to wrap up for this year.

Among the Rainmaker teams heading out to bring home some more linen, we find the Boys Rugby Squad heading to Caledonia in Terrace for the Northwest Zones finale, an event which should make for a muddy and wet affair as the current weather system washes ashore on the North Coast and heads inland.

Set to be significantly warmer and less damp will be the Junior Boys Volleyball team which is competing in Zones on Saturday in Smithers.

The Junior Girls Volleyball team is in Terrace as well this weekend for one of the last play days before the Volleyball zones come up later this month.

One Rainmaker squad has remained at home for the weekend, with the Senior Girls Volleyball team in action at the CHSS Gymnasium.

The Prince Rupert Middle School Storm is also on the road as the Grade 8 Boys Volleyball team heads for Houston.

Updates on the weekend events an be found through the CHSS twitter feed.

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