Saturday, November 5, 2016

More sleep overnight and shorter daylight hours ahead, as Clocks move back across Northwest BC

The ritual of turning the clocks back arrives tonight as we Fall Back in time to keep pace with the rest of the country in the annual time change exercise that brings to an end Daylight Saving time.

Time officially reverses itself by an hour at Two AM, but such is the nature of our times that most of our devices will take care of making the change on their own. Leaving us to need only climb a chair to that one clock high up, that still needs a change prior to heading off to bed.

As you take to changing your clocks, it also makes for a good opportunity to replace batteries and test your smoke detectors and other detection devices (though perhaps doing the latter a bit earlier in the daylight hours might be more appreciated by others in your home)

The change in time also delivers an extra hour of sleep for those with the ability to over ride their internal body clocks ...

The time shifting for the North Coast means that it won't be much longer on the calendar before we head out into the day each morning in darkness and return home in the evening in much the same level of light ...  The geography of our location delivering upon us the short lived daylight hours that fall in between.

We remain on Standard time until March 12, 2017

Some notes on the Time Change can be found below.

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