Monday, November 7, 2016

Premier makes note of Pacific NorthWest LNG decision and theme of cooperation in letter to City Council

Premier Christy Clark provided a follow up note for Prince Rupert city Council after the recent UBCM convention of September, with the Premier thanking those council members that attended the Victoria sessions for their time during a meeting that the group held during convention week.

The short letter of October 17th puts the bulk of the focus on the recent Federal approval announcement related to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, with Premier Clark noting that it delivers great news for all, especially for Prince Rupert, adding that the government is looking forward to working with Mayor Brain and his council in the preparations for any development.

On that theme of the prospect of project development, the Premier also notes that she has asked LNG Minister and Deputy Premier Rich Coleman to keep in touch with the community as the city moves forward, assuring the Council of the province's help when it comes to LNG in the region.

Premier Clark has penned a few notes for Mayor Brain
and City council following the September UBCM sessions

(from the city of Prince Rupert)

That focus by the Premier on LNG comes at an interesting time, with the City preparing to discuss the topic of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project at its next City Council Session.

At that time Council will address a motion from Councillor Joy Thorkelson, which is asking the City to withhold its support for the proposed development until six conditions are met by the proponent, including the relocation of the project away from Lelu Island.

The issue was first placed on the Agenda for the October 24th session, however owing to an illness for Councillor Thorkelson, Council members voted to defer the topic until their next session, looking to discuss the motion and vote on the conditions at the November 14th City council session.

Depending on how that topic is explored and what results may come from it, one imagines that any final declaration from the City of Prince Rupert may have an impact on the tone of any future correspondences between the Mayor and the Premier in the months to come.

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