Friday, November 25, 2016

BC Assessment conducting property assessments in the city

BC Assessment is using new photo technology to update
their Prince Rupert housing listings for 2016

The process of assessing properties on the North Coast is underway for another year, with representatives of BC Assessment in Prince Rupert to take photos that are used as part of the approach that the Assessment agency makes property valuations in the city.

This year BC Assessment is making use of new technology to approach their work on the North Coast, with representatives of the agency working out of a BC Assessment identified vehicle making the rounds of the North Coast region to update the photos of the 5,369 or so family residences that are on their roll call in the city for 2016.

BC Assessment outlines how the process works and reviews some of the safeguards that they take towards privacy, through an information sheet available here.

Some further background to the project can be found from the video that BC Assessment has posted to their You Tube page.

Further information about BC Assessment, as well as links to their on line data base of property assessments can be found here.

Property assessments are delivered to home owners in January, setting out valuations that are used by municipalities as part of their budget planning and property tax calculations.

How the information related to past assessments has been delivered can be examined from our Housing archive page, while some background on how the City makes use of those assessed values can be reviewed from our Council Archive on Taxation issues.

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