Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rampage gain hard earned split on road trip to Cariboo

For those that like to watch high scoring hockey, following the Prince Rupert Rampage around for twenty four hours or so this weekend would have filled your quota nicely we imagine.

However, if shut down hockey in the Rhino's end is something you are hoping to see, there is still a bit of work to be done when it come's to the teams defensive play it seems.

The Rampage scored 14 goals over the course of their two games of Saturday night and Sunday afternoon an offensive explosion that will boost the teams Goals For statistics heading into the homestretch of the CIHL season.

The weekend was a rough one for the Goals Against though, with the Prince Rupert goaltenders facing 84 shots from opposing teams, thirteen of them resulting in a  flashing red light.

Saturday night in Williams Lake saw the Rampage take an early 2-0 in the first frame, a margin that lasted until the 11:38 mark when the Stampeders finally began to show the form that has made them one of the leading teams in the CIHL over the years.

A 2-1 Rupert lead by the end of period one, would shift to a 3-2 Stamps advantage heading into the third, with the final frame completing a night that would become the Tyrel Lucas show. The Stampeders forward would account for five of the Williams Lake goals through all three periods as they knocked down a competitive Rampage squad by a final of 9-5.

The Ramapge spread out the goal scoring, with Cole Morris picking up two goals on the night, while Kory Movald, Mike Coolin and Tyler Ostrom all added to the Prince Rupert totals.

Assists on the Rampage scoring plays went to Kory Movald, Marcus Atchison, Tyler Ostrom, Josh Cook, Cole Atchison, Hyden Pederson and Craig Munro.

The key take away from the night in Williams Lake was the need to work on the team's power play, where the Rampage let some quality scoring opportunities with the man advantage get away from them. With the Rhinos wrapping up the night 0 - 9 when Williams Lake was short handed.

Williams Lake wasn't much better when it came to the power play, with the Rampage tightening up their defensive game while short handed, as they shut down the Stampeders on all five of their extra man advantages.

Brett Roth was left to stare down the seemingly never ending Williams Lake attack, wrapping up the night facing 49 shots in the Prince Rupert end of the rink, the Rampage fired 35 shots at Willie Sellars in the Stamps end of the arena.

The Saturday night score sheet can be reviewed here.

Sunday afternoon the Rampage had made their way northbound with a stop over in Quesnel and what turned into a frantic CIHL match up as the two teams battled back and forth through what became another high scoring game.

Craig Munro completed an impressive
comeback for the Rampage on Sunday,
picking up the 9th and final goal of
9-8 victory over the Kangaroos
Prince Rupert once again was the first to crack the scoring sheet, taking a 1-0 lead which lasted until
near the fourteen minute mark before the Kangaroos began to reassert themselves on home ice, with Quesnel taking a 2-1 lead into the dressing room after twenty minutes.

The middle frame would provide for the bulk of the goal scoring on the day, a total of  10 goals between the two teams that found the home town Kangaroos holding a 7 to 6 lead over the Rampage
heading into the final twenty minutes.

Prince Rupert would make an on ice statement in that final frame, while they surrendered a goal to the Kangaroos midway through the period, the final four minutes saw a Rampage comeback that no doubt left the Quesnel squad reeling.

Three goals in three minutes, the final one with but thirty seconds remaining secured a 9-8 victory for the Rhinos, a punctuation mark to a hard fought battle to leave the Cariboo with at least two points for their travels.

The Rampage goal scoring looked like this:

First Period

Kory Movald, assisted by Josh Cook

Second Period

Kory Movald, assisted by Josh Cook
Cole Atchison, assists to Jean-Luc Fournier, Mike Coolin
Tyler Matalone, assisted by Cole Atchison, Josh Cook (power play goal)
Jean Luc-Fournier, assisted by Craig Munro (power play goal)
Jared Carter, assisted by Jordan Venditelli

Third Period

Jordan Venditelli, assisted by Josh Cook, Kory Movald (power play goal)
Josh Cook, assists to Cole Morris and Marcus Atchison
Craig Munro, assisted by Cole Atchison, Mike Coolin

Two Rampage goaltenders shared the duties on the afternoon, with Jordan Vanderwiel playing 40 minutes, while Brett Roth took to the ice for the final frame and gets the W for the twenty minutes in Quesnel.

As there were power plays through the game, there clearly were penalties, however it would appear that the official scorer in Quesnel was so overwhelmed with tracking the goals and assists, that the final stats for what was expected to be a rough game were not listed in the official summary.

The Rampage returned to Prince Rupert in the early hours of Monday morning, they will hop back on the bus this weekend, as they head down Highway 16 for a match up with the Terrace River Kings.

The weekend split in the Cariboo moves the Rampage into fourth place with a 5-3-1 record and 11 points in the CIHL standings, one behind the River Kings making Saturday's game a chance to leap frog over the Terrace squad.

Results from the season to this point can be found here.

You can review more items related to the Rampage and the CIHL from our archive page here.

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