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The North Coast Votes 2017 -- Snapshots of the Provincial election campaign

Our Archive of items for the North Coast and Skeena related to the run up to the May 9, 2017 Provincial election.

For our archive of the larger provincial campaign issues see our Darcy McGee portal here.


CBC Electoral District Preview
Global BC Electoral District Preview

CFNR Candidates Forum (video)
North Coast Election Forum Prince Rupert Lester Centre (video)


May 11 -- Skeena shift could bring cabinet clout to Northwest riding  NCR
May 10 -- Jennifer Rice wins in North Coast contest (video)
May 10 -- North Coast Green candidate Hondo Arendt reacts to election results (video)
May 10 -- North Coast BC Liberal candidate speaks to his supporters (video)
May 10 -- Jennifer Rice, NDP candidate, after she won the North Coast riding (video)
May 10 -- Campaign salutations begin to roll in following North Coast vote  NCR
May 10 -- Victory speech reinforces Rice campaign's core beliefs and themes  NCR
May 10 -- North Coast returns Jennifer Rice to the Legislature  NCR
May 10 -- BC Election 2017: Northern wrap-up (audio)
May 10 -- North Coast re-elects Jennifer Rice with strong support
May 9 -- Jennifer Rice wins North Coast riding (audio)
May 9 -- The North Coast stays orange after a tight provincial election
May 9 -- Advanced voter turnout up 25 per cent on the North Coast
May 8 -- One key decision ahead for Tuesday: Select the candidate who will best represent the North Coast in Victoria  NCR
May 8 -- One final day of campaigning ahead of Tuesday's BC election
May 8 -- Prince Rupert City Council's Election Quiz  NCR
May 6 -- Parties square off on LNG
May 5 -- Resource Benefits Alliance hails NDP leader's support for better arrangement  NCR
May 5 -- Candidates answer questions from Prince Rupert City Council
May 5 -- Final get out the vote push is on for North Coast campaign NCR
May 3 -- North Coast candidates answer questions about Haida Gwaii
May 3 -- April 24 Campaign Forum revisited  NCR
May 3 -- Three Hard Questions - Child care
May 1 -- In Northwest, NDP candidates struggle to make support for LNG Clear


April 27 -- B.C. Election: 2017 North Coast (audio)
April 27 -- Some electoral cards directing voters to wrong polling station
April 27 -- LNG, lumber, affordable housing the hot topics in North Coast debate
April 25 -- 'I'm with Herb' ... Not Her? North Coast Liberal stresses that He is Not Christy Clark
April 25 -- Prince Rupert All Candidates Forum (video)
April 21 -- Clark highlights LNG hopes in NDP strongholds in Northwest B.C.
April 21 -- Radio debates set the scene for Monday's North Coast All Candidates meeting  NCR
April 20 -- Provincial leaders square off this morning in radio debate  NCR
April 20 -- CBC Daybreak North Debate: North Coast candidates debate affordable housing, LNG and the economy (audio)
April 18 -- North Coast candidates questions - Industry
April 18 -- North Coast Candidates to talk issues with CFNR on Wednesday  NCR
April 14 -- Election candidates to be asked to weigh in on local issues through City Council question process NCR
April 14 -- A cavalcade of Christy! Premier Clark in the Northwest NCR
April 13 -- Premier Christy Clark stops for a coffee in Prince Rupert
April 13 -- Christy Clark campaigns in the Northwest Today
April 11 -- North Coast candidates questions - Education
April 11 -- North Coast election debate date now set for late April  NCR
April 10 -- 2017 British Columbia Election: North Coast riding profile
April 7 -- Rice campaign set for official launch this Saturday  NCR
April 7 -- With release of Heiltsuk report into Nathan E. Stewart sinking, MLA Rice takes aim at Premier Clark  NCR
April 6 -- BC Ferries to expand Central Coast service in 2018  NCR
April 5 -- Pond and Rice take to Haida Gwaii to share their message with Islanders  NCR
April 4 -- First to the Printers, First to the Primo Spots ... for the Pond campaign  NCR
April 4 -- Put on your running shoes! Getting elected to the Legislature has its rewards! NCR


March 31 -- A bit of storefront campaigning for candidate Pond!  NCR
March 31 -- Middle school replacement hopes become political cudgel for North Coast election campaign  NCR
March 28 -- Terrace hospital boosters busy rallying community support for trauma centre designation  NCR
March 23 -- Green Party take a familiar name to the trail, selecting Hondo Arendt for North Coast campaign  NCR
March 22 -- Provincial assessment process remains significant irritant for City Council members  NCR
March 21 -- Jennifer Rice gains endorsement of National organization on environmental issues  NCR
March 21 -- Rice, Pond face-off at North Coast Women in Business meetings
March 20 -- MLA Rice's home mailer touts recent efforts from the Legislature  NCR
March 20 -- Introducing candidate Pond ... Liberal candidate shares video as campaign starts to move forward  NCR
March 17 -- With an end to the 40th Parliament, MLA's bid farewell to the Legislature and head out on the campaign trail  NCR
March 16 -- Petition for replacement of PRMS delivered to Legislature by MLA  NCR
March 14 -- North Coast MLA calls MSP premiums an unfair tax; reaffirms NDP calls for removal NCR
March 13 -- North Coast remains a two party race heading to May  NCR
March 9 -- School District takes PRMS replacement quest to Minister of Education NCR
March 8 -- MLA Rice renews call for adjacency in the Pacific Fishery  NCR
March 4 -- City's Watson Island news generates favourable review from Provincial election candidates  NCR
March  3 -- Jennifer Rice renews call for replacement of Prince Rupert Middle School  NCR
March  3 -- Mills Memorial hospital announcement makes for a current in the North Coast election campaign stream  NCR
March 1 -- MLA Rice examines many themes in busy Tuesday session at Legislature  NCR


February 25 -- North Coast views on Budget highlight different opinions on similar themes  NCR
February 21 -- Prince Rupert issues make for Throne Speech response from MLA Rice  NCR
February 21 -- Budget Day to blaze the way to Election Day  NCR
February 20 -- BC Liberals framing North Coast and Northwest issues as a key theme in upcoming election  NCR
February 20 -- SD52 expecting decision on Prince Rupert Middle School replacement plan  NCR
February 16 -- Fairview Terminal the focus for early North Coast campaign  NCR
February 15 -- BC Liberals sign LNG agreements with Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla First Nation NCR
February 15 -- Legislature back in session with election premonitions relayed through Throne Speech  NCR 
February 14 -- A political pitstop as the All Native Tournament gets underway  NCR
February 9 -- Northwest Community college has expansion plans and maybe a name change on the horizon for the region  NCR
February 8 -- Councillor Cunningham raises concerns over potential health service losses, should the status of Terrace Hospital change  NCR
February 1 -- Rice/Pond offer economic views through statements and Facebook posts  NCR


January 31 -- NDP make nomination official; as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice acclaimed for 2017 election race  NCR
January 31 -- Province of British Columbia still hopeful that North Coast hops onboard the Highway 16 Shuttle Bus plan  NCR
January 30 -- New political movement ImagineX calls for British Columbians to look at a different approach to provincial politics  NCR
January 30 -- NDP MLA's Rice and Mark to attend community lunch at Nisga'a Hall today  NCR
January 27 -- Expanded duties for Jennifer Rice (video)
January 27 -- John Horgan announces NDP shadow cabinet (audio)
January 27 -- NDP's John Horgan adds northern economic development to MLA Jennifer Rice's Shadow Cabinet responsibilities  NCR
January 25 -- Clark engaged in a game of name-calling, divisiveness
January 25 -- Clark promising infrastructure for Rupert
January 25 -- There is no question
January 25 -- Herb Pond wins B.C. Liberals' nomination
January 25 -- Premier's visit to Lax Kw'alaams first since 1999
January 24 -- Herb Pond departs BG Group (video)
January 23 -- Herb Pond wins North Coast nomination race  (video)
January 21 -- Herb Pond chosen as North Coast Liberal Candidate for Provincial election (audio)
January 21 -- Herb Pond wins B.C. Libearl North Coast Nomination
January 20 -- North Coast Liberals send Herb Pond to the campaign trail  NCR
January 19 -- Premier Clark visits Prince Rupert, Lax Kw'alaams (video)
January 19 -- From Lax Kw'alaams, Premier Clark outlines a potential campaign narrative for the North Coast  NCR
January 18 -- Premier Clark heralds "Durable Partnership" with Lax Kw'alaams during community visit  NCR
January 18 -- MP Nathan Cullen closely watching Provincial Election campaign  (audio)
January 18 -- Premier Christy Clark visits Lax Kw'alaams (audio)
January 18 -- Premier Clark and Minister Rich Coleman on North Coast today  NCR
January 17 -- North Coast Liberal nomination  (video)
January 16 -- North Coast Liberals head into the home stretch of nomination campaign  NCR


December 20 -- North Coast Liberal's to select candidate in late January   NCR
December 19 -- BC Liberals choosing candidate for North Coast riding in January


November 22 -- Proskiw in the running for B.C. Liberal nomination
November 17 -- The following is a free time political podcast ...  NCR
November 8 -- Herb Pond to launch second quest for the Legilsature for B.C. Liberals  NCR
November 8 -- Pond seeks North Coast B.C. Liberal nomination
November 4 -- BC Liberals look to come out of convention weekend energized for battle ahead NCR



CBC Electoral District profile
CFNR Election Forum  April 12 (video)



May 11 -- Skeena shift could bring cabinet clout to Northwest riding  NCR
May 10 -- Ellis Ross elected in Skeena (video)
May 10 -- BC Election 2017: Northern wrap-up (audio)
May 9 -- Ellis ross celebrates a Liberal win in Skeena
May 9 -- Ellis Ross elected in Skeena riding
May 9 -- Skeena BC Liberal winner Ellis Ross says jobs need drove his campaign
May 9 -- BC Liberal's Skeena riding winner Ellis Ross' family serenades him
May 9 -- Skeena student vote favours NDP Bidgood

May 9 -- Liberal Ellis Ross Takes Skeena Riding (audio)
May 8 -- Skeena riding voter says her concerns ignored by Liberals  (audio)
May 8 -- B.C. Liberals say NDP leader John Horgan ignoring the Northwest (audio)
May 5 -- Liberal Leader Christy Clark makes a stop at Thornhill Pub (audio)
May 5 -- Christy Clark in Terrace (video)
May 5 -- Clark vague on resource benefits sharing
May 5 -- Christy Clark's campaign takes her to Terrace today
May 5 -- Skeena BC Liberal candidate Ellis ross focussed on jobs
May 5 -- Land Air Water Party candidate hopes to drive change
May 5 -- Skeena riding NDP candidate says his aim is helping people
May 4 -- Voters taking advantage of advance voting in the Skeena riding
May 3 -- Northwest B.C. Resource Benefits Alliance still calling for action 
May 2 -- Daybreak North riding profile: Skeena (audio)
May 1 -- Bidgood Announcement (video)
May 1 -- Coleman lends hand to Ross campaign in Terrace/Kitimat (video)
May 1 -- Candidates in Terrace continue drive towards provincial election
May 1 -- Two Skeena candidates outline more of their commitments to voters (audio)


April 7 -- Skeena Candidates Forum in Kitimat (video)
April 5 -- Skeena candidates to discuss range of issues at public forum Thursday (video)


March 22 -- Correction: Green party puts forth candidate
March 20 -- Liberal candidate opens Skeena riding office  (video)
March 16 -- As current session nears an end, a departing Robin Austin reflects on time in Legislature NCR

January 2017

January 29 -- Unsuccessful NDP candidate won't run as independent
January 26 -- Skeena Liberals and NDP develop themes for May 9 provincial election
January 21 -- Is an oil refinery really a good idea?
January 16 -- Skeena NDP go with Bidgood 
January 16 -- Bruce Bidgood chosen to represent NDP in Skeena riding  (audio)
January 14 -- Bidgood named NDP provincial candidate for Skeena  
January 12 -- NDP Forum takes place in Skeena Riding (video)
January 12 -- Attendees grill BC NDP candidates on First Nations issues (audio)
January 12 -- NDP Skeena Riding Candidates attend debate on First Nations Issues (audio)
January 11 -- Skeena NDP nomination hopefuls debate tomorrow
January 11 -- NDP candidates to hold First Nations Focused Debate

December 2016

December 21 -- Four officially in race for Skeena NDP nomination

November 2016

November 19 -- 2017 British Columbia Election: Skeena Riding profile 
November 19 -- Liberals appear to be strategizing a win
November 19 -- BC Liberals reach into Aboriginal governance ranks for northwestern BC candidate
CBC Electoral District profile

October 2016

October -- Demographics key to northwestern BC Liberal candidate's hopes

September 2016

September 29 -- Skeena BC Liberal candidate resigns from chief councillor position
September 16 -- Fourth person enters northwestern BC NDP nomination race
September 12 -- Haisla chief councillor to run as BC Liberal in northwestern B.C.

August 2016

August 26 -- Third person makes bid for northwestern B.C. NDP nomination

Other Northwest Notes:

November 16 -- BC Liberals and NDP announce candidates for Stikine Riding

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