Monday, November 7, 2016

Nathan Cullen's electoral tour of America nears end with voting day tomorrow

NDP MP Nathan Cullen has a front row
seat for all the drama of US Election Day
part of a Canadian delegation invited by
the State Dept to learn more on the
American electoral system

(photo from the MP's Facebook page)

NDP MP Nathan Cullen has been in the United States over the last week or so, part of a team of Canadian politicians invited by the U. S. State Department to take part in a tour observe the US election and the role of identity politics in this campaign.

Mr. Cullen began his journey in Washington DC on October 31st and since that time has travelled to a number of states including Louisiana and Ohio, the latter one of key focus for Tuesday's vote and considered one of the key battleground states for the 2016 election.

Through the course of his travels, the MP has been providing some observations on the US process and posting photos from his journey throughout America through his Facebook page and twitter feed.

As part of his tour, Mr. Cullen has also outlined some of his thoughts and asked questions related to the American first past the post process, a topic that he has been heavily involved with in Canada through the current Parliamentary committee on electoral reform.

The first instalment of his podcast project from America can be found here.

More items of interest related to the work of the Bulkley Valley-Skeena MP can be found on our House of Commons archive page here.

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