Friday, January 1, 2021

CityWest- Strathcona Regional Districts Connected Coast Archive


Our Archive of news related to the development of the Connected Coast Fibre Optic network project.

The initiative is a joint partnership between CityWest and Strathcona Regional District on Vancouver Island.


January 7 -- CityWest and Strathcona Regional District hail next step forward for Connected Coast Program NCR


October 28 -- With time running out for residents on Haida Gwaii, MP Taylor Bachrach wants a sign of some plan from Ottawa on internet access   NCR 
October 14 -- Connected Coast plans take giant step forward with CityWest/Strathcona Regional District announcement  NCR
September 30 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach calls for action on stalled internet access for rural Canadians NCR
August 31 -- Connected coast reaches new benchmark with request for Proposals issued by CityWest and Regional District of Strathcona NCR
July 10 -- CityWest Request for Info process launched towards Connected Coast project  NCR
July 8 -- Connected Coast project shows glimpse of momentum after information from Vancouver Island studies released  NCR 
February 2020 -- With No Fibre laid yet, Connected Coast fibre optic project still mired in process NCR


May 31, 2019 -- Jennifer Rice offers chance for Premier Horgan to highlight infrastructure, internet and cel phone initiatives for Haida Gwaii and North Coast NCR


August 1, 2018 -- CityWest partner, Stratchona Regional District to put Connected Coast Broadband plans to Alernate Approval process  NCR
May 4, 2018 -- CityWest and Strathcona Regional District launch online home for Sub Sea Communication project  NCR
March 1, 2018 -- MLA touts CityWest's contribution to Coastal communication links NCR
February 14, 2018 -- Sub Sea Fibre project gets shout out from BC Speech from the Throne NCR 
January 18, 2018  -- CityWest outlines the blue print for subsea fibre plans NCR 
January 17, 2018 -- CityWest to receive share of Federal/Provincial funding for improved internet services NCR 


August 2017 -- CityWest awaits federal funding decision on subsea fibre plans NCR 

For notes related to CityWest's ventures in Northern BC see our archive page here.

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