Friday, December 1, 2023

Prince Rupert's Rotary Forest awaits its bounty

It's almost time for the annual Rotary Christmas Tree Sale

Prince Rupert Rotarians are almost ready to welcome Christmas Tree Shoppers to their McBride Street Basketball Court location, the local service origination set for another year of Christmas Tree sales in support of Rotary projects.

The lot as can be seen above, remains clear of trees at the moment, but if all goes according to the Rotarian's plans, Tree hunters will be descending on the site starting Saturday for the annual sale.

Updates on the arrival of the trees and the start of sales and schedule for the weeks ahead; as well as how Rotary makes use of the money raised from the sale can be explored through their Social Media Stream.

Update: The Sales started as advertised at 12 Noon on Saturday

The start of the annual sales comes as Prince Rupert's Winterfest gets underway, see what's ahead for the weekend from our notes of November.

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