Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cash Mob spurs business visits for Argosy Gallery

The concept is one that has been well worked in other communities, a group organizes itself, usually through social media and then descend on a target business to create buzz, spend a little cash and provide awareness of the business or service that has been targeted.

Last month, Prince Rupert had its first "cash mob", a group organized through Community Futures, the Chamber of Commerce and the information portal Prince Rupert Reigns, making Third Avenue West's Argosy Gallery their first destination.

From all accounts, the first foray into the "cash mob" sensation has served its purpose. A press release and facebook posting from Community Futures Pacific Northwest outlined the success of the April Event.

With the mob experience bringing over 1,000 dollars in cash receipts to the Argosy Gallery in but one hour.

As well, the advertising and promotion of the project through social media also provided for an introduction to the business for some who may not have known just what the Argosy has to offer.

With their first project a huge success, plans are now in the works to make the Cash Mob experience an event that takes place on a quarterly basis.

Cash Mob organizers are now accepting suggestions as to which local business should be the next "target" of the mob, you can find out more from the Rupert Reigns Facebook page.

For more items on developments in the Commercial sector of the Northwest see our archive page.

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