Thursday, May 8, 2014

Time to load up on sunscreen?

Oh, if only the folks at AccuWeather will be proven correct!

The long, long range summer weather forecast from the AccuWeather service is calling for a drier and warmer summer for British Columbia and judging by the map provided by Accu Weather, the North Coast and Haida Gwaii will be finding the weather much to their liking.

From the reaches of Alaska down to the Washington border and into southern Alberta, the swath of Orange on the AccuWeather map offers much hope for those that worship the sun and seek relief from our normal patterns of damp weather.

The full review of the summer ahead can be found from the Accuweather blog site

The forecast perhaps helpful for local stores to stock up on the sunscreen, making for healthy stocks for what surely will be the inevitable run on supplies by the time Seafest weekend has arrived in June.

And the welcome news may continue on past the summer season as well.

The far reaching forecast models currently in place, suggest that warming conditions for the region may extend into the fall and winter season.

With NOAA officials now suggesting that an El Nino year may be ahead for the West Coast, with warmer climate conditions and less in the way of snow.

Prepare yourselves accordingly, a hot and dry summer and then a fall and winter where the term "Pineapple Express" may be heard rather frequently.

Those that have an interest in weather events and such will find our archive on the themes helpful for a review of the year just past and updated as required.

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