Friday, May 23, 2014

Over 2.8 million dollars in Infrastructure funding available to Prince Rupert from Federal Gas Tax Fund

The shovels can hit the ground shortly for any number of Prince Rupert infrastructure projects, as an agreement has been reached on funding through the Federal Gas Tax Fund.

Thursday, the Province of British Columbia outlined the terms of a renewed agreement on the Federal Gas Tax Fund, which will provide local governments across BC with the opportunity to choose and plan infrastructure projects based on their priorities.

“Renewing the Gas Tax Agreement sustains support for key local infrastructure projects in British Columbia over the next ten years. Achieved by a partnership between the Government of British Columbia, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Government of Canada, the agreement provides significant funding to help B.C. communities continue to prosper as great places to live, work, invest, play and visit.” --  Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development speaking to the Gas Tax funding agreement with the Federal Government 

James Moore, the Federal Minister of Industry, Provincial Minister Oakes and Rhona Martin, President of the UBCM all heralded the agreement as a key aspect of municipal funding for infrastructure concerns across the province.

The news will be a welcome development for the City of Prince Rupert, which has a long list of projects to address some of the aging infrastructure in the city.

According to the table distributed yesterday by the UBCM, Prince Rupert will receive $2,873,131.74  in funding over the next five years.

2014-15 -- $552,519.10
2015-16 -- $552,519.10
2016-17 -- $580,145.38
2017-18 -- $580,145.38
2018-19 -- $607,802.78

Port Edward has been allocated $373,772.31 over the same five year period.

2014-15 -- $71,855.64
2015-16 -- $71,855.64
2016-17 -- $75,448.44
2017-18 -- $75,448.44
2018-19 -- $79,162.15

The full list, featuring amounts for other Northwest communities can be found here.

Details on the Gas Tax Fund Announcement can be found here.

The UBCM explains more on the program through this item in the Compass.

The nature of infrastructure requirements in Prince Rupert have been a frequent discussion topic at Prince Rupert City Council, the short list of what's in the works for the year ahead can be found below.

City Engineering Department outlines its "To Do" list for 2014

For more on developments at City Hall see our Archive page.

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