Monday, May 12, 2014

Making Art from trash from Shoreline Clean up

Prince Rupert residents will have to keep a sharp eye out for what may be a most interesting Art Display in the near future.

As part of last month's Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Charles Hays Students aided in the clean up session and through their work found a wide range of items for use in upcoming art projects.

In a letter to Prince Rupert council Caitlin Birdsall the Coordinator of the North Coast Initiative of the Vancouver Aquarium Field Office provided her thanks to the City for a recent donation of 150 dollars.

Money that was put towards supplies for the clean up, a rather impressive two hour bit of work from the participants that took part.

Offering up a review of our habits, that highlights the lack of awareness of many in the community as to the need to be better stewards of  the environment of the city.

As well as  providing her thanks to the City for the cash donation, she offered up a review of the clean up project of last month and the participation of the Charles Hays Students and what they have planned for some of the trash they put aside for later use.

April 15th was Clean up day, with 27 students taking part in the shoreline clean up, working the areas of Hays Creek and Rushbrook Docks, collecting 244 pounds of trash in just over two hours of work.

Once they separated the debris from the usable trash, participants took those items of interest back to Charles Hays for use in a number of sculptures and mosaics that will educate the public about the dangers of marine debris on wildlife.

The Art projects will be displayed in June as part of Seafest celebrations in the community.

You can review Ms. Birdsall's inventory of what 244 pounds of trash looks like from this letter to Council, found as part of the Information for Council for tonight's Council session. The thanks to Council and trash review is the first item of note from the package.

For those that missed out on the April clean up, Ms. Birdsall advises that they along with the World Wildlife Foundation hope to hold another public clean up in the summer, offering more residents of the community to help in the clean up of the local environment.

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