Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Council to call on Pinnacle Pellet to address community concerns on West side of city

Pinnacle Pellet is back to the top of the City Council discussion list, as complaints continue to arrive at City Hall, with Councillors hearing of more frustrations from west side residents over a number of issues related to the Industrial site on the Westview waterfront.

Councillor Barry Cunningham took the point on the discussions for Monday evening, putting forward a motion to have representatives of the company attend to Council to provide a presentation on their plant and to address the concerns of their neighbours.

Mr. Cunningham once again re-kindled some of his anger with oversight of the plant by the Port of
Prince Rupert, suggesting that  "the poster project of the Port has turned into a nightmare for the residents".

He went on to list some of the concerns he had received from residents, with some of those that have contacted him suggesting that they can't even sit outside of their homes any longer.

Councillor Thorkelson also picked up the theme of the Port's responsibilities when it comes to the issue, reminding Council of some of the past announcements from the Port as to the various procedures that they had put in place to monitor the situation.

She suggested that the Port also be invited to provide Council with the status of those monitoring options and to explore what other measures could be put in place to relieve some of the concerns of the residents of the area.

The Mayor offered up the suggestion that the current troubles could be related to the start up, commissioning phase of the new industrial site, however Council members remained stead fast in their desire to have Pinnacle Pellet appear at Council, or hold a public meeting on the issues.

Councillor Ashley provided some thoughts for the discussion, suggesting that if members of the area wished they could forward their concerns by email to Council members, who could direct them to the Pinnacle or Port representatives should that discussion session take place.

The full review of the latest dust up over dust and other issues of Pinnacle Pellet can be reviewed from the May 12th edition of the City's Video Archive, the conversation starts at the 47 minute mark.

For more background on the Pinnacle Pellet Plant see our page dedicated to the industrial site.

For further review of Council Developments see our City Council Archive page.

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