Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Council moves Sixth Avenue West re-development proposal ahead

With a Public hearing on the issue providing for few complaints, a re-development project for a property on Sixth Avenue West was given the go ahead on Monday night, as Prince Rupert Council approved a trio of motions on zoning amendments.

As part of the process, Council heard from two contributors to the public session, both of whom provided mainly thoughts on parking issues related to the proposed re-development at 565 6th Avenue West.

City Planner Zeno Krekic provided the overview of the development for Council, outlining the steps taken so far and advising that the City had received minimal commentary from the public regarding the project.

Following the short review, Mayor Mussallem opened up the Public Hearing aspect of the night, allowing for comment and observations from those that may be affected by the proposal.

There were few participants for that aspect of the hearing, with only to residents making comment on the proposed re-development, the bulk of the concern based on parking issues for that stretch of Sixth.

Council members offered up their support for the proposal, highlighting the recent work on neighbouring properties done by the proponent of the redevelopment.

Previous work on buildings that house the Black Rooster Roadhouse hostel properties were heralded as having provided new life to the street, something council was inclined to welcome with the new project.

With little more in the way of discussion, Council voted to approve the three required amendments and permits to allow for the work to continue on.

You can review the proposal from the City Agenda page.

The Public hearing aspect of the night can be viewed from the City's Video archive for May 12th, hearing can be found from the start of the  session through until the twenty minute mark.

Council's discussion and vote on the topic can be found later in the evening at the 27 minute mark of the video archive.

We have more items on events at Prince Rupert City Council available on our archive page.

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