Friday, May 9, 2014

Northern Health looking for a Mascot Design

Northern British Columbia's creative community have a challenge ahead if they choose to accept it, with the opportunity to design a mascot for Northern Health.

The competition gets underway on May 12th, with submissions to be accepted by Northern Health until May30th.

Some of the design ingredients for the Mascot development include the following:

The need for the Mascot to represent all people living in the North.

Represent Healthy living, as well as to be creative and fun.

Karen Wonders, the Program Manager for School and Youth explains what the Mascot program hopes to achieve across the Northern Health service region.

“With the 2015 Canada Winter Games less than a year away, we want to use this opportunity to highlight health in a variety of ways, and be innovative in our thinking around how to reach a wide audience ... Developing a fun and engaging mascot is one strategy that we can use to really make health accessible and interesting to children and youth across the north.”

Entrants will be asked to provide a back story for their character and of course offer up a drawing of what they think the Mascot should look like.

The winning entrant will win a spot as a torchbearer in the 2015 Canada Winter Games Torch Relay, the 2015 Winter Games are to take place in Prince George.

More information on the competition can be found from the Northern Health website.

As the competition progresses through May, more information will be provided on the Northern Health Matters blog.

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  1. It's no wonder there isn't any money in our healthcare system for those in need of "health" care, when "healthcare" dollars are being spent on a ridiculous and costly to implement idea such as this! I fail to see a legitimate relationship between healthcare and the Winter Games, other than you have to be healthy to compete (strange idea!), It looks to me like a manager has come up with an idea to justify her superfluous job. Give me a break. Northern Health is "managering" our healthcare system to death. Let's start spending money on Health Care, where it belongs, like. providing and delivering care and services to those who need them.