Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get behind the wheel and get behind the 2014 Charles Hays Secondary Grads

Ford of Canada and it's local dealer Port City Ford, are looking for a few test drivers and those that take up the challenge can do their part to help out the 2014 Charles Hays Grad class.

A fund raiser that takes to the roads takes place this Saturday (May 10) from 9 AM to 5 PM, as Ford sets up shop in the empty lot across from the Dairy Queen and Northern Savings Credit Union, with a simple proposition.

Local residents who are eighteen years and older and holding a valid drivers licence can drop by the location and take a test drive of one of the Ford vehicles available for the day.

For every test drive that takes place Ford will provide a 20 dollar donation to the Fundraising efforts of the Charles Hays Secondary Class of 2014

Through the day, the money will flow to a maximum donation of $6,000.  

So, the more motorists that drop by for a test drive, the more that Ford will direct to the Charles Hays fundraising efforts.

The test drive is limited to one drive per household, so obviously organizers will be hoping that Rupertites spread the word to friends and family. 

With sunshine in the forecast for Saturday, it would seem that there may be no better time to go take a drive and with it, provide the Charles Hays Grad class of 2014 with a bit of money to put towards this years Grad celebrations.

You can learn more about the Cross Canada fundraising efforts from Ford through this item from the Ford Canada website.

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