Friday, May 23, 2014

Mayor Mussallem wants region to stay in the LNG Race

As LNG proponents and government officials continue to outline the future of LNG for the province at the LNG in BC convention this week, Mayor Jack Mussallem it would seem has made note of the comments from the CEO of Petronas Energy on Wednesday.

As we outlined on the blog yesterday, the Petronas CEO issued a warning shot of sorts on LNG Suggesting that the LNG industry needs a bit of certainty over the province's plans on taxation and for good measure, gently suggested that the price point from the province should not be at a level that will drive investment away.

Mayor Muasslem picked up on the theme of those words for Vancouver radio station CKNW,  expressing the opinion that Prince Rupert has a bit of interest in the ongoing conversation, offering up the thought that moving LNG forward should take place in a seamless manner.

The Mayor's comments have been replayed through this morning on CKNW, you can listen to his observations from the Audio player for Friday morning ( the first sample of the day can be found at 6AM see 1 minute 55 seconds)

"There is a window of opportunity here, this is a great amount of awareness, and I don’t think anybody wants to miss that.” -- Mayor Jack Mussallem, speaking to CKNW about LNG development for the North Coast.

In recent months, the Mayor and Council have spent a fair amount of their council sessions discussing the potential impact of LNG terminal development and how it could make for a major shift in the economic fortunes of the region.

For now, the prospect of LNG development appears to be the main planning option that the City has been focusing its future towards.

To have some cautionary words provided by the main proponent of the project which many believe is the most advanced on it timeline, probably is providing for a fair bit of interest and maybe even a bit of concern from City Hall this week.

Background on the proposed Petronas project known as PacificNorthwest LNG can be found here.

You can review more of the developments from the LNG in BC conference from our archive page here.

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