Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pacific Northwest LNG to seek community input by way of survey

As part of their ongoing efforts in community engagement, Pacific NorthWest LNG is seeking comments from the residents of the region, looking for a bit of feed back on which items they wish to learn more about or become engaged with.

Arriving in mailboxes on the North Coast is a copy of the Pacific NorthWest LNG feedback form, a short survey that follows up on the recent Open Houses held by the LNG company in both Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

For those that were not able to attend those public events, the survey provides an opportunity to share their thoughts on the prospect of LNG Terminal development.

Among the topics of note:

An opportunity to rank the importance of Project elements

An opportunity to rank the importance of information that the community wishes to learn more about.

A chance to suggest which community groups could best use the support of the company.

Questions on a number of statements regarding the proposed LNG project in the community.

Completed surveys can be returned to Pacific NorthWest LNG either in person, or by mail with the enclosed postage paid envelope that comes with the survey.

Those that may not have received a copy of the survey can drop into the office to pick one up or seek more information.

Residents are also encouraged to either stop in at the Pacific NorthWest office on 3rd Avenue West, or go to their website, where they can find another survey on the topic of jobs, education and training.

For more on the latest developments with the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG project see our archive page.

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