Wednesday, May 21, 2014

North Pacific Cannery to host Regional Heritage fair Friday

The backdrop for the Northwest Heritage Fair could not be more appropriate this Friday, with Port Edward's North Pacific Cannery Historical Site set to welcome participating students and other interested observers for the day long celebration of History.

Friday's event is one of twelve Regional Heritage Fairs planned for 2014, providing a showcase of history projects created by students from grades 4 to 10.

In recent months Students have been tasked to research and create projects highlighting aspects of Canadian history, successful participants at the school level now will take their work to the Regional Fair at North Pacific.

It's the first time that North Pacific has played host to the Regional Heritage Fair and in keeping with the location, the theme for many of Friday's presentations will feature a look back at the region's canneries and the people who worked and lived at them.

The work of the students of the Northwest will be on display this Friday from 9 until 3, the Awards ceremony for the Northwest event takes place from 3 until 4 PM.

Participants in Friday's Heritage Fair are up for a number of awards, including a North Pacific Cannery Award and a Northwest BC Fishing Industry Award for research projects that focus on the Canneries and Cannery life.

The Heritage Fair is just the latest of community events to take place at the North Pacific Cannery
Historical Site, part of a full summer of events to be offered to the community.

Last month we outlined the great success of the community science fair that opened up the summer season for North Pacific.

As North Pacific celebrates its 125 years, a wide range of events continue to be developed for those on the North Coast to take part in.

Next month, North Pacific will be the host to a pair of interesting events, a Northwest Coast Cannery Reunion to take place on June 13 and 14.

As well, North Pacific will also hold its 125th Anniversary Community Celebration in June, with the celebration spanning two days from June 21st and 22nd

The wide range of events be offered at the Historical site this year provide many opportunities for local residents and visitors alike to take in the atmosphere at one of the regions most interesting of local attractions.

North Pacific is quickly becoming a spot on the North Coast map that is proving to be a popular gathering spot, with North Coast scenery, history and community all part of the backdrop to the Port Edward site.

You can learn more about the North Pacific Event from their website dedicated to Friday's event, more on the Regional Heritage Fairs being held across the province can be found here.

A complete look  at what North Pacific has to offer visitors through the summer can be reviewed from their website.

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