Saturday, May 24, 2014

City of Prince Rupert website gets a makeover

It's shiny and new and with a click of your mouse it is waiting for you!

Prince Rupert residents, as well as those from afar interested in learning more about the City of Prince Rupert are going to find a whole new visual presentation on the City's website.

The on line portal now features a brand new look, providing for a modern presentation compared to the old version, a time capsule of a website which looked very much lost in the early days of Internet information delivery.

The updated portal provides much the same information as the old version, however it looks quite impressive in design and provides for an easy to navigate home page.

The new site offers an easy to use  interface which directs users to whatever kind of information they wish to access.

The home page is divided into a number of key information options, Opening with a rotating review of what the City has selected as the top items of interest located at the top of the page.

For most residents and out of town visitors the Popular Links destination probably will deliver the bulk of desired information.

Among some of those information links are:

Emergency Information, News Releases, Online Services, as well as items from the Mayor and Council, Bylaws and Policies and Recreation items all make up part of the main focus.

You can also access information on Community Events as well as view the latest session of Prince Rupert City Council from the home page.

In addition to the main information items dedicated to the website, the redesigned home page from the city offers up links to it's Facebook page and twitter feed.

At the very top of the new web page is a task bar that provides for a drop down menu of other items. Providing a wide range of options that residents and visitors may find very useful as they seek out information on any number of topics.

The new design moves the City's information portal into the modern era of information delivery, though in the end, the website will only be as good as the information that is provided for it.

In past months, the City has not made the best use of its Internet options, information was slow to be delivered to their portal and news releases and notices were decidedly of the dated variety.

Hopefully, with a shiny new website will come the opportunity to provide much more information to public and offer it up in  a timely manner.

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