Thursday, May 22, 2014

LNG in BC Conference 2014: Conference Notes

Our archive of news reviews of the events and topics of discussion from the Province of British Columbia's LNG conference in Vancouver from May 21 to 23.

May 24

May 24-- B. C. LNG plans need First Nations' input now: government
May 24-- LNG shouldn't be the only plan
May 24-- Christy Clark confronted by Aboriginal leaders torn over LNG plans

May 23

May 23-- No deals, plenty of optimism as delegates talk LNG
May 23-- "Clean" LNG would produce large-scale emissions
May 23-- China and Russia's $400 billion gas mega-deal hardly means game over for Canadian LNG
May 23-- Protestors wary of dark side of LNG industry
May 23-- "Natural Gas is a Bridge to Nowhere" Cornell Methane Expert
May 23-- First Nations Raise Questions at LNG Conference
May 23-- BC businesses to connect with LNG opportunity
May 23-- Over 1,400 attend International LNG conference
May 23-- Shell President on BC competitiveness on LNG  (video)
May 23-- Mayor Mussallem wants region to stay in the LNG Race NCR

May 22

May 22-- Mayor of Prince Rupert doesn't want to lose LNG race
May 22-- Japanese Company to open LNG transport tank container business in Vancouver
May 22-- LNG discussion on CKNW's Bill Good Show (audio)
May 22-- First Nations see benefits of LNG project, but some counsel caution
May 22-- A cautionary tale from Australia at LNG Conference
May 22-- Fossil fuel nirvana underway at Vancouver LNG Summit
May 22-- LNG backers worry B. C. could see similar cost spikes as Australia
May 22-- Convention speech from Petronas CEO Tan Sri Dato' Shansul Azhar Abbas (audio)
May 22-- British Columbia can compete with Russian Natural Gas Deal: Minister
May 22-- UBCM Communities Perspective presentation
May 22-- LNG Workforce presentation (video)
May 22-- "Luxury" Shipping Container Rooms Unveiled for B. C. LNG Workers
May 22-- Kitsault energy Proposes Dedicated Energy Corridor and Energy Export Terminal near Kitsault, BC
May 22-- Russia-China pact strong signal to Canada, U. S.
May 22-- Russia-China gas deal more a threat to LNG pricing than volumes
May 22-- Lofty Ambition hits realism
May 22-- Petronas pushes for Province to consider LNG taxation plans carefully and quickly  NCR
May 22-- British Columbia can compete with Russian natural gas deal: Minister
May 22-- North Coast well represented at Provincial LNG conference  NCR

May 21

May 21-- Petronas CEO warns BC against 'unrealistic expectations' on LNG
May 21-- B. C. told to release LNG tax regime or risk losing Malaysian business
May 21-- Petronas Says Canada Must Avoid Australia mistakes in LNG
May 21-- How to invest in Canada's LNG export boom
May 21-- BC's Minister of Natural Gas Development not worried about competition in global LNG market
May 21-- Petronas warns Canada not to slaughter its LNG 'Golden Egg"
May 21-- Premier Clark promotes BC's LNG industry at conference
May 21-- Petronas says Canada gas stocks halfway to goal for LNG investment
May 21-- BC's new LNG tax system still up in the air
May 21-- Russia undercuts B. C. with mega gas deal
May 21-- B. C. LNG off on the wrong foot
May 21-- Russia-China gas deal no threat to Canadian West Coast LNG prospects, analysts say
May 21-- China and Russia's US$400 billion natural gas deal "complicates" new LNG projects
May 21-- Russia-China gas deal puts heat on B. C.'s LNG sector
May 21-  Premier pooh-poohs massive China-Russia LNG deal
May 21-- Premier Promoting LNG at conference in Vancouver

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