Sunday, May 4, 2014

City Engineering Department outlines its "To Do" list for 2014

While the financial accounts may still be a little tight, the City's Engineering Department will have a fairly busy summer construction season ahead of them.

In recent weeks, Council members, and in particular Councillor Barry Cunningham had expressed the desire to have a better information flow between the Engineering Department and Council, with City Manager Robert Long outlining the steps to be taken in the future to provide a data base on Engineering items for Council members to consult with.

Along with that project, Council also had hopes to receive a presentation from the Engineering Department in Council Chambers, a request that was quickly acted on.

Last Monday evening, Richard Pucci from the City's Engineering Department appeared at the Prince Rupert City Council session to provide an update on the projects planned for the year ahead.

Among some of the major infrastructure projects to be tackled this year outlined by Mr. Pucci were:

Work on the Second Avenue and Sixth Avenue bridges.

Completion of work at the City's Pumping Station and some background on future work on the raw water project.

The much discussed 24 Hour Transfer Station at the Recycling Centre is set to be put in place, with the City working with the Regional District on that project.

Work will continue on the Woodworth Dam project, however such work is dependent on dry weather, which can provide for delays when the weather takes a turn.

Mr. Pucci also outlined some of the background on the Strategic Plan for Water projects, as well as the progress of the Liquid Waste Management Plan.

The City will soon start up its 2014 Paving, Sidewalk and Road Utility programs, though one area that won't be addressed this year will be the hoped for rehabilitation of the Fraser Street area, a process that has been delayed by a year.  A development that provided for disappointment for both Councillors Kinney and Cunningham, who at least were hoping to see improvements made at the end of Fraser that hosts the Seniors Centre.

The full review of the Engineering Department project list can be found from the City's Video Archive page for April 28th, which features Mr. Pucci's presentation from the forty seven minute mark to the 58 minute mark

Also being put on the back burner for a year will be any upgrades to the Mariner's Park electrical systems, with Council not wishing to reopen their budget deliberations of recent weeks to allow for the financial requirements for those upgrades.

That aspect of the Engineering Department overview can be found from the City's Video Archive from the one hour fourteen minute mark through to the on hour twenty four minute mark.

For more items on items of note from Prince Rupert City Council see our Council Archive page.

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