Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pacific system pushing ashore through the night

The calendar may say late May, but fall like weather continued to make its arrival on the North Coast on Thursday, providing more of a sample of November, as opposed to what summer is supposed to deliver.

Strong winds picked up through the afternoon, accompanied by steady and at times driving rain through the day.

The occasional gusts sending garbage cans down streets and lawn furniture over to the neighbours for a visit.

The temperatures however, offered a warming effect for those tempting the gusts, as opposed to the traditional temperatures of November.

And as North Coast residents headed for home at the end of the afternoon, the promise of more to come is there for the overnight period.

While there is no Wind Warning in effect, gusty winds will continue through the evening and into the early morning, with gusts expected to range between 50 to 70 kilometres.

Rain will pick up once again near the midnight hours, continuing through until Friday morning, though amounts won't total more than 20 mm if current models hold true.

The windy conditions however, will persist through that same period of time.

You can review the full forecast from Environment Canada here.

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