Monday, May 5, 2014

Electronics store brings a bit of revitalization to block of downtown

Third Avenue West may finally be seeing the much hoped for commercial comeback, as a number of new businesses have recently taken up some of the once empty storefronts on the commercial shopping strip.

The latest addition being Andres's electronics, with the outside of their Third Avenue location offering up the visual of much larger cities, the exterior signage something a little different for Prince Rupert.

The national retailer recently opened up its doors in the downtown core, the first bit of rebirth to a block of storefronts that had seen better days in recent years.

And while the empty spaces are still fairly prominent along the block, the arrival of a well known change may provide for the catalyst to return some commercial industry to the block between fifth and sixth Streets.

Andre's Electronic Experience has been a fixture in many B. C. communities for close to thirty five years, their new Prince Rupert location the first in the Northwest, the closest they ever made it to the region being their Prince George location.

While the key focus for many Rupertites will be the access they provide to the Telus cellular network, their retail operation offers much more than just phone plan advice, with a wide range of electronic and household items available.

You can learn more about the company from their website

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