Monday, May 26, 2014

City Council Preview, Monday, May 26, 2014

The wrap up to May for Prince Rupert City Council arrives tonight, as Council turns it's attention to a Committee of the Whole session and the possibility of some citizen participation, along with the regular items of the May 26th Agenda.

Beyond the usual business of a regular session, Council will hear a presentation from Spectra Energy providing an update on their LNG  pipeline project.

During the course of the Monday evening meeting the Mayor and Council will hear reports from the Corporate Administrator, Chief Financial Officer and City Manager.

Before they take to the Monday night session Council will once again take to behind closed doors, with  a Closed Session of Council to take place in the early evening.

The notice for the May 26th version of the Closed Session provides for a topic which offers up little as to the nature up for discussion, but provides for an item which Council feels cannot be discussed in open session.

That the meeting be closed to the public under Section 90 of the Community Charter to consider items relating to one or more of the following: 

90.1 (e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality.

When Council is finished with its Closed Session business, they will then reconvene at 7 PM for their Regular session.

Council starts the evening off with it's Committee of the Whole Session, the agenda for it can be reviewed here.

Following the Committee of the Whole opportunity, Council will turn its attention to the Regular Council session, the Monday night Agenda for their Regular session can be found here.

A guide to the night's content can be found below, the corresponding page number listed in red.

The session starts off with the regular adoption of agendas and minutes.

That is followed by the presentation from Mr. Genge of Spectra Energy. Providing his update to Council on the latest developments with the Natural Gas pipeline project.

Council then turns its attention to Any Unfinished Business that Council

With Reports and Recommendations next on the night's to do list.

The first being a Report from the Corporate Administrator - Who will review details of an encroachment agreement regarding a property on 10th Avenue East (page 10 of the Agenda)

The next item on the night is a Report from the Recreation Services Consultant -- Who will review details on the purchase by the PRMHA of a Zamboni Ice Resurfacer for use by the Recreation Department (page 15 of the Agenda)

Report from the Chief Financial Officer -- Who will provide background on the City's Annual Report

Report from the Deputy Chief Elections Officer -- Providing an update on items of note pertaining to the Failure to File Election Campaign Financial Disclosure Statements. (page 30 of the Agenda)

Report from the City Manager -- Outlining the appointment of Elections Officers for the City of Prince Rupert (Page 32 of the Agenda)

Requests and then Correspondences for Action are next on the Agenda for Monday.

A Proclamation request from  the Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) -- Providing background on Access Awareness Day (Page 33 of the Agenda)

A Request from Mr. Antonio d'Emanuele, an Art Teacher at Charles Hays   -- Seeking approval of Council for a street art project for the Skateboard park (Page 36 of the Agenda)

Any resolutions from Closed Meetings will then be reviewed.

Followed by a required attention to the Bylaws and Development Permits requests for the evening.

Any additional items for the night then will then be discussed.

The evening then wraps up with Reports, Questions and inquiries from Members of Council, as well as the Mayor's Report, which is then followed by adjournment.

Council next meets in Regular public session on June 9.

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our Archive of the May 26th session can be found here.

While our archive of all sessions of council this year is available here.

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